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Vizhi or /vih•lee/, meaning “ eye ” , “to wake up ” or “ wisdom ” in Tamil, embodies our unwavering commitment towards our shared vision for a sustainable world. It reflects a deep sense of responsibility towards our environment and a call for collective effort to protect it!

Vizhi is a social initiative aimed at making sustainability a convenient lifestyle and household practice. We are building a one-stop solution for any sustainabilityrelated queries, providing users with tailored resources and information on sustainable life choices.

Our Story

Existing green solutions are fragmented and lack a centralized platform.

Picture this: towering mounds of waste, a heatwave that could rival a summer blockbuster, and an overwhelming aroma that, let’s just say, was less than delightful. Toss in some stories from a recent dump yard fire, and suddenly, environmental degradation wasn’t just a poster competition theme; it was a real, urgent issue right in front of me that affected my city.

In grade 6, a visit to my city’s garbage dump yard revealed to me the overlooked reality of unsustainable development around me. From heavy metal pollution in the once-vibrant Noyyal River and pollution in 30+ wetland ecosystems to birds’ changing migratory patterns, it was like uncovering a secret nexus of environmental issues.

Realizing the importance of sustainability, I started actively learning about green practices I could adopt in my life only to realize it is very difficult to identify the different green solutions out there because they are fragmented and lack a centralized platform. Wondering about the impact these solutions could create if they were all available together in a single space, I envisioned Vizhi as a platform that can bridge this gap and provide access to comprehensive information on sustainable living.

Founder, Vizhi

Our Vision & Mission


To transform climate action into a seamless and integral part of daily household life, thereby catalyzing a community-driven sustainable living movement.


Harnessing the power of technology and community engagement, to create an accessible resource hub that connects individuals to green life choices and empowers them to embrace sustainable living.

What Do We Do ?

A one-stop online resource hub that empowers individuals to seamlessly embrace sustainable living practices.

Vizhi bridges the gap between existing green solutions by:

  • creating a one-stop online resource hub that empowers individuals to seamlessly embrace sustainable living practices,
  • Increasing the access to the locally available and easily adoptable sustainable solutions;
  • Helping consumers make data-driven, responsible choices.

The Vizhi Venn

Vizhi effectively integrates technology, community, and sustainability advocacy to build a dynamic and accessible online resource hub that embodies a deep sense of responsibility and commitment towards the environment

Our Team


Founder and Principal Executive


Knowledge Curaton & Strategy


Marketing & Growth Strategy


Technology Strategy


Content Management

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